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Prayer Upon Entering the Church

"I will come into Your House in the multitude of Your mercy; and in Your fear I will worship Your Holy Temple.  Lead me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of mine enemies; make your way straight before me, that with a clear mind I may glorify You forever, One Divine Power worshiped in three Persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen."

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Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Welcome to Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church - Thank you for visiting our site.

We greet you with the affection of Christ and bid you join us.  Our church is an Orthodox, Christian church: the ancient, historic, and original church of the New Testament, which has neither added to, nor taken away from the faith experience of the apostles who witnessed the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God.

We are a parish of the Orthodox Church in America, and under the guidance of the Diocese of the West and The Right Reverend Benjamin, Bishop of San Francisco and the West.   Our parish demographics include Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks, and many other ethnic identities.  Our services are conducted in both English and Church Slavonic and we welcome all with the love of Christ.

We offer classes for adults who wish to learn more about the Orthodox faith and classes in the Russian language.  For children, we teach bible and Orthodox studies, Russian language, music, painting, and other activities.  Additionally, throughout the year we host several events, many of which include traditional Russian music, food, and entertainment.  Each Sunday after Divine Liturgy, we come together in fellowship in our social hall for light refreshments.  We are, however, first and foremost, an Orthodox Church endeavoring to meet the spiritual needs of His flock.

Come among us in peace for prayer and divine worship.  You are among friends here who, with you, seek to see the face of the living God in these turbulent times.

He is here.

He calls to you.

Be still. . . 

In peace, let us attend. . . . . .


Наш приход принадлежит к Западной Епархии Американской Православной Церкви. Основан он был в 1940 году православными верующими из Восточной Европы, волею судеб оказавшимися вдали от родной земли.

Среди нынешних прихожан церкви – как родившиеся в Северной Америке, так и недавно прибывшие на этот континент из разных стран. Всех их – вне зависимости от национального происхождения – объединяет Православное вероисповедание и искреннее стремление к созданию подлинно христианской семьи верующих.

Настоятель нашего Храма – отец Александр Шкалов, прослуживший прежде много лет на Святой Земле в Иерусалиме, а позднее, Волею Божией, продолживший свое служение Господу в Америке.

Иммигранты из республик бывшего Советского Союза являются важной частью нашего прихода и мы приглашаем всех вновь прибывших присоединиться к нам.

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